Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prince Harry

I’m infatuated with one, Henry Charles Albert David. This man is just about the sexiest white man alive! I'm sure the fact that he's a PRINCE ups the ante but he has so much SWAG!! He just drips cool and there's something about his smile that lets you know he loves being bad but that only a select few know about his hijinks ;)

Chelsy Drugged-Piggy Davy is the luckiest girl alive... But can she please just look like she doesn’t sprinkle ‘shrooms on her cereal. She always looks too high for life. And then doesn’t think too highly of brushes either. UGH!

I would like just 45 minutes in a room alone with Harry please? Anyone connected to the Royal family, please let him know this. It's tres important for my development that this happen! I really hope that Charles’ genes don’t infect Harry like they did William and his ‘impandla’.

Sporty, fun, charming, hot, bad!

Obsessed with Prince Harry


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