Friday, April 29, 2011

Tribute: The Black Supermodel

Tyson Beckford
Noemie Lenoir

Selita Ebanks

Naomi Campbell

Tyra Banks


Chanel Iman

Beverly Johnson

Naomi Sims

Alek Wek

Veronica Webb

Liya Kebede

These poeple are phenomenal! They've done so much for the world of fashion and for the self image and esteem of young black girls (and boys) everywhere. From the lighter skins to the very dark, these supermodels have highlighted and displayed different facets of 'black beauty' and are a force to be reckoned with in fashion. Obviously there aren't nearly enough black faces out there but every few years more and more stunners are discovered and are blazing their own trails that are incredible to watch.

For me the super models that have made an impact on me are:

Tyson Beckford- THE male supermodel. Best known for his work at Ralph Lauren. Who almost single-handedly put male models on the map. Has featured on tons of catwalks and music videos.

Noemie Lenoir-Has worked with huge brands like L'Oreal and Victoria's Secret. And featured in many movies and music videos.

Selita Ebanks- Is the HBIC at the Victoria's Secret empire. She has also featured as 'the fallen phoenix' in Kanye West's 'Runaway'.

Naomi Campbell- an absolute powerhouse. She's the highest paid black supermodel of all time and was the first black woman on the cover of French Vogue. At 41 she still commands the catwalk.

Tyra Banks- She was the first black model on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition, GQ and the Victoria's Secret catalog. She is now an extremely successful businesswoman and TV personality.

Iman-She was a muse for many great designers including Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint-Laurent. She founded 'Iman Cosmetics' focusing on shades for ethnic women. She is also a philanthropist.

Chanel Iman- She's on many runways and magazine covers. She also became a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2010.

Beverly Johnson- She was the first black supermodel on the covers of US Vogue, French Elle and German Cosmopolitan. She's also done a lot of TV work.

Naomi Sims- Often lauded as the first black supermodel ever in the late 1960s. Her Life Magazine cover (1969) was exhibited by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sadly she succumbed to breast cancer in 2009.

Alek Wek- Sudanese-born super power who has walked the runway for Chanel, Donna Karan and Christian Lacroix (amongst others). She now designs handbags called 'Wek 1933'.

Veronica Webb- She is the first black woman to sign a major contract with a cosmetics house (Revlon, 1992). She's graced many a runway and magazine cover and done feature films

Liya Kebede- She is the first back supermodel to be the face of Estee Lauder. She has appeared 3 times on the cover of US Vogue. She's a phenomenal model, actress, businesswoman, designer and philanthropist.

Obsessed with the Black Supermodels

x Bisous x

Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte or CC as I call her in my mind coz we're best friends has got to be the most beautiful woman alive. She is absolutely stunning! And stylish... With Grace Kelly as a grandmother, why am I really surprised..?

She speaks several languages

Is an editor of 'AnOther' Magazine

Is super stylish. Karl Lagerfeld loves her and she, him.

Obsessed with Charlotte Casiraghi

x Bisous x

City of the week: Buenos Aires

Sorry for the delay!

This week's country obsession of the week is being scaled down to city of the week. And I think I'll stick with City of the week. Don't think whole countries do it for me...

This week I focus on Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It's the poetic spanish language

It's the sultry latino men (who dip chocolate by the way)

It's the tango which I think is one of the best latin dances ever

There is (apparently) an amazing nightlife and awesome shopping

I have never been but it's definitely on my top 10. Can't wait to explore this gorgeous South American city.

Obsessed with Buenos Aires

x Bisous x

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Country of the week...

Every week I'll post amazing pictures of countries that I'm dying to visit or have visited and reeeeally enjoyed...

To start I'm going with Croatia.

I am absolutely in love with this place and I've only ever been through photographs. My wish is to definitely visit Croatia. I don't know how navigating this country as possibly the first black person they've seen will go but I'm willing to try.

This country has sandy white beaches and crystal blue seas that compete with the best.

Also the buildings and architecture are to die!

Istria is where I'm dying to go. It's often compared to Tuscany in it's landscape and ancient Roman architecture. Also would love to visit the famous walled city of Dubrovnik.

Just in case you're not familiar with its location: it is neighbours with Slovenia (which is neighbours with Italy), Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Obsessed with Croatia

x Bisous x

Chanel handbags

Glamorous, elegant, expensive, classy, classic, stylish.

Obsessed with Chanel handbags

x Bisous x

Zoe Kravitz




Zoe is 12 days older than me. 12 DAYS!!! She would've been way too cool for my school. But I believe we would've been best friends. I really do.

She is awesome for so many reasons but her DILF of a father is Lenny Kravitz and she is the first (and probably only rock star daughter that has sprinklings of black). This automatically ups her cool factor ;)

She is apparently an actress... I don't care for her movies. It's her attitude and style that put her on this 'list'. Her mother and father are also totally cool.

Let's just make this post about her whole damn family coz no one has a better looking father than Zoe and a more interesting mother. Lenny, will you marry me?! Screw best friends, I'll be Zoe's step mom. And Lisa you cool too. Too cool for Cosby... in your mind. I think Lisa and Lenny got divorced because there's only so much dope that one house can have.

Obsessed with Zoe and Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet

x Bisous x

Peaches & Pixie Geldof



Known for their wild partying ways and "occasional" drug use (I'M NOT ENDORSING DRUGS... I HATE THEM), The 20 & 22 year old British princesses of grunge and cool are completely rock star chic. Having actual rock star blood in them might be the key to their intense and ever-lasting awesomeness (their dad is Irish legend Bob Geldof).

* Peaches is the older of the two. She is a socialite/ model who epitomises the word 'edgy'. She looks almost like a pin-up type and she embraces all vintage looks with a modern twist. She wears and says and does what she wants and does it whilst looking hot! Plus those tattoos, A DIOS MIO! They're amaaaaze!

* Pixie's got a totally funky hairstyle (a grey 'pixie' cut which is sometimes blonde or black). She's known to appreciate the more Goth side of fashion and this is seen in both her heavy eye make-up and also her wardrobe which consist of a lot of 'cross jewellery' and black items.

Obsessed with Pixie and Peaches

x Bisous x