Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone is at the forefront when it comes to music, liberal politics and popular culture. This ultra cool magazine is published every 2 weeks but unfortunately (most of the time) only the online version is available to me because Sandton isn’t focused! Sometimes I manage to find it and then it’s on like Donkey Kong. This mag is to me what Playboy is to a lot of you naughty chirrens!

Jann Wenner and Ralph J Gleason started the magazine in 1967. Jann is still the editor and publisher (as well as owning Men’s Journal and Us Weekly)! I think the fact that it has remained in the original hands means it stays true to the vision but remaining relevant and contemporary. It started off being mostly political and then in the early 90s changed its format to become relevant to the youth. Now it’s a mixture of both to appeal to a wider audience and has thus become more interesting.

The covers are always the main talking points because they are always so innovative and portray a rawness in caricature form in the cover star that other magazines try to cover up and ‘glossify’. The cover stars always look so rockstar whilst remaining relatable.

Obsessed with Rolling Stone Magazine


Thursday, July 14, 2011

City of the week: Oslo

Royal Palace

City Hall

I don’t know where this obsession started because it’s not usual for a person (especially one with generous melanin) to fantasize about to going to Norway of all places… But I have such an insatiable adventurous spirit that I don’t really want to leave any corner of the globe unseen by my eyes (except the north and south poles).

Who doesn’t want to see the land of the Vikings of white people’s past?

Oslo has a rich history as the Nobel Peace Centre (City Hall hosts the annual awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize). I’m assuming there should also be tons of interesting museums and sites to take in… Also, because it’s also one of Europe’s “Top cities of culture” I’m convinced I will want for nothing in the ‘enrichment’ and ‘entertainment’ stakes. But it was also recently named ‘most expensive city n the world’ so good luck to us all!

There’s just so much going on in this Scandinavian city and I can’t wait to see it all for myself!

P.S. If there is a Santa Claus then he lives in Oslo, Norway. (Check the last pic and tell me he doesn’t live there... IF he exists)

Obsessed with Oslo.


Le Coil

My friend Gugu Maduna (you can check her blog out here: put me on to this awesome blog called ‘Le Coil’ that celebrates and showcases the best in street style blogging focusing on black people with natural hair.I think that’s the best thing ever especially because underneath my weave lies a kinky truth and I’m dying to play around with my natural hair but have never been truly inspired by it until now. There were even moments when I thought I was going to relax my hair *GASP*

But now thanks to the people over at Le Coil world, I’m fine and eager to start my experimentation. The people they find for their blog are UBER stylish AND embrace their natural side so I have nothing to worry about J

Step one: I need to find good natural hair dye and a great salon to handle it. Tweet any suggestions to @_Dame_

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Amy Winehouse... HER MUSIC!

This is a pretty picture-less post because I’m not talking about Amy and her dishevelled, skeletal, druggie physique or face. I’m talking about Ms. Winehouse, the genius musician who really takes me to another place with her melodic artistry. I love her sound and style with all my heart and I pray that God can help her through this so that we can be blessed with her magic. The album ‘Frank’ needs to go into the hall of fame as BEST ALBUM EVER RECORDED. EVER. I really dislike people who compare her to Adele. She would KILL Adele in any contest except a sobriety one. (Disclaimer: I love Adele but she’s NO Amy).

Listen to this:

And watch this:

Come back Amy! *sobs*

Obsessed with Amy Winehouse’s music.


Amber Rose

Girl crush alert!

I know she’s a world famous rapper groupie but I love how she really thinks she’s in legitimate relationships with them. This post is for her beauty. It needs its own space. She’s beeeeautiful and so sexy! And she has a “don’t give a f**k” attitude that I just die for.

She made such a good move when she decided to shave her hair off coz with hair she looks like just another latino mami from Compton.

Obsessed with Amber Rose


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

City of the week: Johannesburg

I hate the fact that people always say “there’s nothing to do in Joburg”. This city has kept me entertained for almost 23 YEARS! I always find something cool to do and am very often introduced to new corners of the city I didn’t know.

I love everything about MyJozi. It’s hip, it’s fast-paced, it’s diverse, it’s rich, it’s poor, it’s passionate, it’s alive!

Sandton to Soweto is full of the same hungry, driven and talented people who all band together to make this one kick-ass city!

Full of rich history, this is where the major moves were made in the struggle against apartheid.

This really is the NYC of Africa, concrete jungle where African dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do!

The addition of Braam’s Juta Street and Arts on Main in Newtown mean that Joburg gods understand that there is a shift towards the more artistic but that also in a distinctly Jozi way.

Joburg is really in another league. My heart will always be here.

Jozi, My Jozi.






Obsessed with Joburg


Men dressing well

I am a BIG advocate of men dressing well! It's very important that men understand that they should put just as much effort into dressing and style as women.

It's not ok to look like a 1990's rapper anymore. Tailored is the look du jour! That means everything from your pants to jackets should be fitted around your body- not too tight but definitely not too loose!

Also colour is making a big splash in men’s fashion. It is great to see men experiment with shades and colour blocking.

Accessories are also making appearances on the trendy; everything from rings, to bangles, to chains, to sunglasses. Everything is being thought-out now and it’s amazing!

These trends are much more experimented with by European and gay men. There is a way that ons Suid Afrikaner straight ous can wear this and still look every bit as manly as before… If not more!

Fact: when men roll the bottom of their skinny pants up a bit, I crumble. Now you know ;)

Obsessed with uber stylish men


P.S. check out for tips (that’s where most of my images come from). These boys can DRESS!