Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amy Winehouse... HER MUSIC!

This is a pretty picture-less post because I’m not talking about Amy and her dishevelled, skeletal, druggie physique or face. I’m talking about Ms. Winehouse, the genius musician who really takes me to another place with her melodic artistry. I love her sound and style with all my heart and I pray that God can help her through this so that we can be blessed with her magic. The album ‘Frank’ needs to go into the hall of fame as BEST ALBUM EVER RECORDED. EVER. I really dislike people who compare her to Adele. She would KILL Adele in any contest except a sobriety one. (Disclaimer: I love Adele but she’s NO Amy).

Listen to this:

And watch this:

Come back Amy! *sobs*

Obsessed with Amy Winehouse’s music.


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