Thursday, July 14, 2011

Le Coil

My friend Gugu Maduna (you can check her blog out here: put me on to this awesome blog called ‘Le Coil’ that celebrates and showcases the best in street style blogging focusing on black people with natural hair.I think that’s the best thing ever especially because underneath my weave lies a kinky truth and I’m dying to play around with my natural hair but have never been truly inspired by it until now. There were even moments when I thought I was going to relax my hair *GASP*

But now thanks to the people over at Le Coil world, I’m fine and eager to start my experimentation. The people they find for their blog are UBER stylish AND embrace their natural side so I have nothing to worry about J

Step one: I need to find good natural hair dye and a great salon to handle it. Tweet any suggestions to @_Dame_

Obsessed with Le Coil (


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