Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Men dressing well

I am a BIG advocate of men dressing well! It's very important that men understand that they should put just as much effort into dressing and style as women.

It's not ok to look like a 1990's rapper anymore. Tailored is the look du jour! That means everything from your pants to jackets should be fitted around your body- not too tight but definitely not too loose!

Also colour is making a big splash in men’s fashion. It is great to see men experiment with shades and colour blocking.

Accessories are also making appearances on the trendy; everything from rings, to bangles, to chains, to sunglasses. Everything is being thought-out now and it’s amazing!

These trends are much more experimented with by European and gay men. There is a way that ons Suid Afrikaner straight ous can wear this and still look every bit as manly as before… If not more!

Fact: when men roll the bottom of their skinny pants up a bit, I crumble. Now you know ;)

Obsessed with uber stylish men


P.S. check out www.streetetiquette.com for tips (that’s where most of my images come from). These boys can DRESS!

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