Thursday, July 14, 2011

City of the week: Oslo

Royal Palace

City Hall

I don’t know where this obsession started because it’s not usual for a person (especially one with generous melanin) to fantasize about to going to Norway of all places… But I have such an insatiable adventurous spirit that I don’t really want to leave any corner of the globe unseen by my eyes (except the north and south poles).

Who doesn’t want to see the land of the Vikings of white people’s past?

Oslo has a rich history as the Nobel Peace Centre (City Hall hosts the annual awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize). I’m assuming there should also be tons of interesting museums and sites to take in… Also, because it’s also one of Europe’s “Top cities of culture” I’m convinced I will want for nothing in the ‘enrichment’ and ‘entertainment’ stakes. But it was also recently named ‘most expensive city n the world’ so good luck to us all!

There’s just so much going on in this Scandinavian city and I can’t wait to see it all for myself!

P.S. If there is a Santa Claus then he lives in Oslo, Norway. (Check the last pic and tell me he doesn’t live there... IF he exists)

Obsessed with Oslo.


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