Friday, June 24, 2011

Country of the week: Seychelles

All photos are my own.

P.S. Please excuse the fashion (ESPECIALLY THE WHITE SHADES) it was end of 2007. smh at myself

I had the privilege of visiting this island 3 years ago and I can honestly say it was enchanting and captivating. It really is one of my favourite places in the world and I have every intention of showing my FutureSex/LoveSound around town.

We went over 07/ 08 new years and because of bad weather we ended up having to stay extra days. It was a great adventure but I know that island life is something for vacations only!

Seychelles is actually made up of 155 islands (although some say 115) scattered in the Indian Ocean with Mahe being the biggest- that is where you’ll find the capital, Victoria. The two other most frequented islands are Praslin and La Digue, all of which I visited and explored. The islands are very mountainous and are surrounded by the most beautiful white beaches and crystal water.

On New Year’s Eve we went into the town square to party with the locals. So much fun! Everyone was just drinking and dancing. The one thing I really appreciate about the locals is how friendly and helpful they are. Most of the islands’ money comes from tourism so most of the people work in tourism in some way. Despite their mostly poor incomes, they are a very ‘sunny’ nation. The people are mainly of African, Indian, French and Chinese descent and mostly speak Seychellois Creole even though English and French are listed as official languages.

Famous for their giant tortoises (which we declined to ride) and *ahem* vagina-shaped coco de mer which houses coconuts. Which actually taste pretty gross, by the way.

Obsessed with Seychelles


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pharrell Williams

Mr Skate Boy P is toooooo sexy. He’s so musically gifted But most of all, he dresses so suave and experimental... Wish more men would dress like this. Tailored works much better than baggy ever did! Colour is key. I’m not sure how you’d even fight with him coz all he has to do is smile and I’d apologise! Nothing more to say… Except, God please send me a Pharrell clone of my own. Or Pharrell… You decide. Thanks.

Obsessed with Pharrell Williams


Savion Glover

Just to tie with the post below… Savion is amazingly talented and hella sexy too.

He is the ‘feet’ behind “Happy Feet” as well as being a world-renowned choreographer and he has worked with Gregory Hines who, as the post below shows, I’m obsessed with.

Savion is dope and he can do things with his feet that most can’t even do with their hands.

Obsessed with Savion


Gregory Hines

There is something so special about watching Gregory Hines uploads on YouTube. This is because the man was, quite simply put, an artistic genius. He was really so multi-talented as a dancer, choreographer and actor and sometime singer. I love him as an actor but I really, really adore him for his dancing.

There is a clip that is the most special thing I’ve ever seen on the web. It really makes me wish I had come across Gregory much earlier on to truly appreciate his genius and passion while he was still alive

Watch here:

He was also something of a DILF (well not his photos, more the videos). Really feel connected to Gregory Hines’ soul long after he’s been gone. Hope I affect someone in this way. He has the most interesting life story filled with sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll but ultimately triumph and success and legendary status.

He also influenced Savion Glover who is currently my all-time favourite tap dancer. I’ll post some pics in a separate post.

Obsessed with Gregory Hines


The Beckhams

One of my other favourite couples (other than Jay and Bey) is The Beckhams. Wow but this couple is HOT jong! Brits are also juuust the but then they’re uber stylish (I think David should thank Victoria coz he was not fresh before).

They’re just always effortlessly cool. I can’t find another word for them coz that sums it up. They have a great balance between exceedingly unapproachable but also really friendly. I just want them to come hang with me Lol!

I’ve loved Posh since Spice Girls days… I always wanted to be her at dress-up parties but being the token el Negro, I had to be Scary Spice L

Their children are also turning out to be dripping with swag. It’s hard not to when The Beckhams are your parents but still. I especially love Cruz, he’s too cute. I really hope this next one is a girl, she’ll dominate the baby style blogs and push that experiment named Suri Cruise aside.

Trendsetters deluxe! Where do you think the WAG revolution came from??

His tattoos, her killer heels, his swag, her style, their skill.

Obsessed with The Beckhams


Sunglasses to tell a story...

This weekend was a great one for me… I went to Durban and because Joburg is lame (only in this regard), that’s the only time I get to scope for awesome sunglass finds at my favourite sunglass haunt that stocks them for R99 a piece! And they’re really dope!

I love sunglasses that help tell a story about the person who’s wearing them before you speak to them- the more unique/ outrageous, the better… For me at least. They let you know what that person likes, what they think of themselves and fashion and what kind of character they have. It’s really fun to discover people and then check out their sunglass collection to see if it matches what you know about them. For instance I’m more into vintage shades than the big label variety.

Also important to note is how they pair their sunnies with their outfits. That’s also how you can tell if someone is solid in their style or if they’re conforming to what they think is “cool”. And it doesn’t count for those that wear them at night coz those people are pure douches.

Someone needs to find me vintage “flip-up” glasses. PLEASE!! Oh and alsop get me Nicole Richie’s sunglass collection!

Obsessed with sunglasses



There is just something magnificently magical about the art of dance. I love it in its entirety… Of course there are styles like line dancing Russian folk dance that I’d rather skip but in general this art form lends itself to some breath-taking visuals.

When I watch trained, professional dancers in their element there is something about them that looks so effortless and so at peace. It is extremely difficult to execute most of the moves they do without years of adequate training.

In my lifetime I’ve had the privilege of learning a few dance styles that I have enjoyed and somewhat excelled in. I started with modern, tap and ballet and eventually focused on just tap dancing which I am still hoping to continue with. I also picked up Hip Hop and got national colours when my team represented South Africa in German. I’ve also dabbled in latin and ballroom, jazz and contemporary( all of which I will continue).

I’m obviously not talking about myself when I salute dancing though. I’m talking about people who have made a lifelong commitment to training and sculpting their bodies to be able to fly through the air in beautiful shapes to portray emotions that are not always available in the verbal.

Obsessed with the art of dance