Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gregory Hines

There is something so special about watching Gregory Hines uploads on YouTube. This is because the man was, quite simply put, an artistic genius. He was really so multi-talented as a dancer, choreographer and actor and sometime singer. I love him as an actor but I really, really adore him for his dancing.

There is a clip that is the most special thing I’ve ever seen on the web. It really makes me wish I had come across Gregory much earlier on to truly appreciate his genius and passion while he was still alive

Watch here:

He was also something of a DILF (well not his photos, more the videos). Really feel connected to Gregory Hines’ soul long after he’s been gone. Hope I affect someone in this way. He has the most interesting life story filled with sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll but ultimately triumph and success and legendary status.

He also influenced Savion Glover who is currently my all-time favourite tap dancer. I’ll post some pics in a separate post.

Obsessed with Gregory Hines


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