Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunglasses to tell a story...

This weekend was a great one for me… I went to Durban and because Joburg is lame (only in this regard), that’s the only time I get to scope for awesome sunglass finds at my favourite sunglass haunt that stocks them for R99 a piece! And they’re really dope!

I love sunglasses that help tell a story about the person who’s wearing them before you speak to them- the more unique/ outrageous, the better… For me at least. They let you know what that person likes, what they think of themselves and fashion and what kind of character they have. It’s really fun to discover people and then check out their sunglass collection to see if it matches what you know about them. For instance I’m more into vintage shades than the big label variety.

Also important to note is how they pair their sunnies with their outfits. That’s also how you can tell if someone is solid in their style or if they’re conforming to what they think is “cool”. And it doesn’t count for those that wear them at night coz those people are pure douches.

Someone needs to find me vintage “flip-up” glasses. PLEASE!! Oh and alsop get me Nicole Richie’s sunglass collection!

Obsessed with sunglasses


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