Thursday, June 23, 2011

Janet Jackson

A while ago I did a post dedicated to MJ and now I want to focus on his little sis, Miss Janet Jackson.

This lady is one of my favourites of all time. She’s fierce and she dances like her feet will cure AIDS. Also Janet really started the ‘strong woman’ revolution… The whole concept of having and embracing stronger physiques (six packs...etc).

She was one of the first female artists (if not the first) to involve intricate choreography in her music videos and concerts. This is obviously an influence of MJ but it’s amazing that she saw what he did and adapted it to be feminine and sexy while not losing any of its strength.

Not too excited by her movie career but she’s much better than Mariah and Britney :/

My favourite Janet album was ‘Velvet Rope’. By faaaar! And favourite music video is ‘Scream’ with Michael. I love that it shows the playful nature of their relationship but also highlights just how magnetic they are as artists. But who can forget Hype Williams’ ‘What’s it Gonna be?’ feat. Busta Rhymes? SEXY!! Also iconic was ‘That’s the way love goes’ when Jennifer Lopez was one of her “video hoes” ;) Wonder if they’re homies..?

Her songs also had messages in them e.g. ‘Together Again’ was about her friend who dies of AIDS-related illness who she would see in heaven. In the 90s that wasn’t a very easy topic to sing about as it was still pretty taboo.

Powerful, seductive, talented, driven, sexy, intense, passionate.

Obsessed with Janet Jackson


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