Thursday, June 23, 2011


There is just something magnificently magical about the art of dance. I love it in its entirety… Of course there are styles like line dancing Russian folk dance that I’d rather skip but in general this art form lends itself to some breath-taking visuals.

When I watch trained, professional dancers in their element there is something about them that looks so effortless and so at peace. It is extremely difficult to execute most of the moves they do without years of adequate training.

In my lifetime I’ve had the privilege of learning a few dance styles that I have enjoyed and somewhat excelled in. I started with modern, tap and ballet and eventually focused on just tap dancing which I am still hoping to continue with. I also picked up Hip Hop and got national colours when my team represented South Africa in German. I’ve also dabbled in latin and ballroom, jazz and contemporary( all of which I will continue).

I’m obviously not talking about myself when I salute dancing though. I’m talking about people who have made a lifelong commitment to training and sculpting their bodies to be able to fly through the air in beautiful shapes to portray emotions that are not always available in the verbal.

Obsessed with the art of dance


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