Tuesday, May 31, 2011

City (country) of the week: Morocco



Shout out to my first African city of the week. Smh at myself that it took this long! This one is a little complicated because it’s more a country of the week than city. I want to explore all the major cities in Morocco: Tangier, Casablanca, Rabat and Essaouira; although I might skip Marrakech just coz of that whole bomb thing… but maybe not. I’ve never been above the equator in Africa and I feel like it’s time to plan a trip that has me staying in and therefore contributing to Africa and the economy.

I love everything that I’ve seen about Morocco (hubbly/ hookah excluded). The architecture is just amazing… It looks like one long clip from Aladdin or Arabian Nights. I feel like Jaffar is going to show up and chase me through the streets until I bump into Aladdin who will… yoh I’m getting distracted!

I love that in 30 minutes you can go from hustlin’ city centre to camel-riding in the Sahara.

The landscape, the culture, the desert, the city life.

Obsessed with Morocco


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj

I couldn't possibly have a separate post for all 3 of them because I don't love them enough to write for a long time. LOL

Either way, with Lil Wayne's cool, Drake's rhymes and Nicki's persona, this makes for a very interesting and marketable pie. All 3 are bad-ass emcees that I love. But Drake is testing me with the constant whining sounds he calls singing on his records! And Wayne needs to put his trouser-snake away... So many kids! Oh and stop with the rock music!

Nicki's style is original and even though I don't quite get it, I enjoy it when it's coupled with her crazy multiple personalities and awesome music.

Drake can rap. For real.

Li Wayne in "Let the beat build" killed everyone and I love him for that. He's talented.

Young Money is winning.

Obsessed with Nicki, Drake and Lil Wayne



Her voice is similar to what I heard when I walked past an abattoir one time. And this is not a good thing for those of you who have limited vocab. I do find myself enjoying the songs despite the voice though. The songs I love are:

‘Pon de Replay’

‘If it’s loving that you want’

‘Break it Off’



‘Live your Life’

‘Only girl in the world’

‘Roll it’

‘Rude Boy’

‘Run this Town’


‘We Ride’

‘What’s my name’

And her new-found sluttiness irks me in a way I can't quite describe.

Either way, she's stylish beyond the norm and her tattoos (except the grammatically incorrect 'rebel fleur' which she's used to her benefit).

This girl is smart and knows exactly what she's doing media-wise (why else would she follow Breezy on twitter and make a video where she laughs at her 'labels'). Also her rise from Barbadian Barbie to commercially successful vixen has been astronomical.

Even though her blonde phase was a mistake, I really love the red hair... BUT ONLY ON HER! UJ girls, stop it!

Stylish and beautiful...

Obsessed with Rihanna


Agyness Deyn

I only included only 1 image of her with dark hair coz, in general, I hate it.

This British model is the coolest super model out there. And a coupl'a lucky beeeshes in Durban got to meet or just see her as she is involved in styling the 031 Collection for Mr Price and judging the Mr Price 'new designer' competition.

She's a style icon whilst also being praised as a fashion rebel. This unassuming diva, rules the catwalk and is also a singer and actress.

I love her hardcore throwback to the 80s and 90s masculine silhouettes whilst still being ultra trendy and chic.

Obsessed with Agyness Deyn


Jay-Z and Beyonce

I just love this couple.

Their love for each other, their support, their power, their music, their swag, their game, their talent, their business.

Honestly, which other person could handle B and all her fame and success and vice versa. These two are at the top of their leaugues.

"The '03 Bonnie and Clyde, Hov and B. HOLLA!"

Obsessed with Jay-Z and Beyonce



Who Run the World? BEYONCE! This dynamite is my favourite commercial artist. She’s sooo powerful and beautiful and actually has talent (more so with singing and dancing than acting). She never does anything half-heartedly which is why, she takes almost two years between her albums. And her performances never leave you wanting.

She is extremely dedicated to her craft. She pushes the envelope and is a pioneer in the industry even though she’s still so young (29). Her video ‘Single Ladies’ became a pop culture sensation and even had Justin Timberlake spoof it for Saturday Night Live (I’m obsessed with this show as well). Apart from looking the part, she has one of the best voices in the industry… She can actually sing! *ahem* Rihanna, Ke$hit, Ciara *ahem!*

From Destiny’s Child’s hits including ‘Bootylicious’ which was subsequently entered into the Oxford Dictionary and officially became a word! Together they were, ‘Independent Women’, ‘Survivor(s)’ and could pay their own ‘Bills Bills Bills’. Yep, that was lame.

Now she’s dominating solo and married to the hottest (SKILLS-wise) rapper in the game. They’re my favourite couple. I’ve liked every song she’s released, except a few nonsenses on her ‘I am… Sasha Fierce’ let-down. I’m feeling brain-washed here, CALL THE ILLUMINATI POLICE!

Her new video has everyone raving as she eases through a pantsula routine and has 200 dancers from Africa showcase their talent. Awesome video. Watch here:


And then check out her sensational tribute performance at the Billboard Music Awards here:


Obsessed with Beyonce