Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Who Run the World? BEYONCE! This dynamite is my favourite commercial artist. She’s sooo powerful and beautiful and actually has talent (more so with singing and dancing than acting). She never does anything half-heartedly which is why, she takes almost two years between her albums. And her performances never leave you wanting.

She is extremely dedicated to her craft. She pushes the envelope and is a pioneer in the industry even though she’s still so young (29). Her video ‘Single Ladies’ became a pop culture sensation and even had Justin Timberlake spoof it for Saturday Night Live (I’m obsessed with this show as well). Apart from looking the part, she has one of the best voices in the industry… She can actually sing! *ahem* Rihanna, Ke$hit, Ciara *ahem!*

From Destiny’s Child’s hits including ‘Bootylicious’ which was subsequently entered into the Oxford Dictionary and officially became a word! Together they were, ‘Independent Women’, ‘Survivor(s)’ and could pay their own ‘Bills Bills Bills’. Yep, that was lame.

Now she’s dominating solo and married to the hottest (SKILLS-wise) rapper in the game. They’re my favourite couple. I’ve liked every song she’s released, except a few nonsenses on her ‘I am… Sasha Fierce’ let-down. I’m feeling brain-washed here, CALL THE ILLUMINATI POLICE!

Her new video has everyone raving as she eases through a pantsula routine and has 200 dancers from Africa showcase their talent. Awesome video. Watch here:

And then check out her sensational tribute performance at the Billboard Music Awards here:

Obsessed with Beyonce


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