Wednesday, May 4, 2011

City of the week: Hong Kong

The Fragrant Harbour or Hong Kong is a buzzing metropolis that fuses east and west. There are jaw-dropping skyscrapers that illuminate into a neon wonderland at night that even put NYC to shame. Not so far away from the city centre lies the heart of Chinese culture. There are sacred temples and natural wonders. There are many islands off the coast of Hong Kong which make for interesting day trips to see the multitude of temples and monasteries/nunneries. I’d also like to take a little time to go to Beijing and see the average-sized wall of China.

I will be vegetarian all trip long though. The rumours can't all be lies. Where there's smoke... ;)

I personally am dying to see the 'Wong Tai Sin' Temple and make a wish, as well as have my fortune told and interpreted. Cynics be damned. I would also love to see the largest Buddha statue at the Po Lin Monastery. I’m a Christian-spiritual (which means I don’t discard any beliefs).

And who doesn't want to go hang out in Bruce li's neighbourhood?! Hiiii-YAAA!

Anyway, I can't wait to go (whenever that will be).

Obsessed with Hong Kong

x Bisous x

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