Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chelsea FC

I have loved this team since 2002 when John Terry (God bless him) was first named player of the year at the club. That was in 2001 when I was in grade 7. BEFORE Chelsea had any amount of success they achieved under his majesty, the self-proclaimed Special One, Jose Mourinho's guidance. I really hate entering battles where people (especially men) try to test my Chelsea knowledge or support. They don't do that with other guys but the minute I mention Chelsea I get "glory supporter" and "you're a girl, you know nothing". *sigh* I now sit comfortably with guys and engage in banter, even getting them asking me what I think of games. But not in a Simply Carol "I learnt this for the job" way -_-

The reason I started supporting Chelsea is a superficial one... I was watching a premier league match - Man Utd vs Arsenal- with my dad (who supports Arsenal and Real Madrid) and we got into an argument and then I told him "The next team Arsenal plays, I'm supporting! I'm done with your team!" The next team was Chelsea. You know the rest.

And yes, there’s an extremely wealthy Russian who has an intelligent team that knows the right moves. If it wasn’t for all the elements together, Chelsea wouldn’t be doing that well. As with EVERY OTHER TEAM. So the backlash at us buying players like we’re the first team to do it has got to stop. I’m not interested. Dah!

Next week we play Man United in the decider match. I am soooo nervous. Whatever the outcome though, I’m Chelsea for life!

Obsessed with Chelsea FC

x Bisous x

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