Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Peter Magubane Photography

Mr Magubane's images are really just amazing to look at. I've got 3 "coffee table" photography books of his. Looking to get them all eventually. I absolutely love how honest his images are... Nothing appears constructed. And the fact that during apartheid, many of his photos were taken with the camera being hidden in a loaf of bread or a bible further confirms his exceptionally high skill level.

He has been involved in everything prolific and historically important in South Africa from the 1950s. He is very careful not to shoot his subjects from angles that dehumanise or belittle them and he took extra care on 'traditional'/ cultural shoots not to make the people in the images look like the "other".

There's something personal in all his photos that envoke strong emotions whether they're good or bad.

Obsessed with Peter Magubane

x Bisous x

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