Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Beckhams

One of my other favourite couples (other than Jay and Bey) is The Beckhams. Wow but this couple is HOT jong! Brits are also juuust the but then they’re uber stylish (I think David should thank Victoria coz he was not fresh before).

They’re just always effortlessly cool. I can’t find another word for them coz that sums it up. They have a great balance between exceedingly unapproachable but also really friendly. I just want them to come hang with me Lol!

I’ve loved Posh since Spice Girls days… I always wanted to be her at dress-up parties but being the token el Negro, I had to be Scary Spice L

Their children are also turning out to be dripping with swag. It’s hard not to when The Beckhams are your parents but still. I especially love Cruz, he’s too cute. I really hope this next one is a girl, she’ll dominate the baby style blogs and push that experiment named Suri Cruise aside.

Trendsetters deluxe! Where do you think the WAG revolution came from??

His tattoos, her killer heels, his swag, her style, their skill.

Obsessed with The Beckhams


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