Friday, June 24, 2011

Country of the week: Seychelles

All photos are my own.

P.S. Please excuse the fashion (ESPECIALLY THE WHITE SHADES) it was end of 2007. smh at myself

I had the privilege of visiting this island 3 years ago and I can honestly say it was enchanting and captivating. It really is one of my favourite places in the world and I have every intention of showing my FutureSex/LoveSound around town.

We went over 07/ 08 new years and because of bad weather we ended up having to stay extra days. It was a great adventure but I know that island life is something for vacations only!

Seychelles is actually made up of 155 islands (although some say 115) scattered in the Indian Ocean with Mahe being the biggest- that is where you’ll find the capital, Victoria. The two other most frequented islands are Praslin and La Digue, all of which I visited and explored. The islands are very mountainous and are surrounded by the most beautiful white beaches and crystal water.

On New Year’s Eve we went into the town square to party with the locals. So much fun! Everyone was just drinking and dancing. The one thing I really appreciate about the locals is how friendly and helpful they are. Most of the islands’ money comes from tourism so most of the people work in tourism in some way. Despite their mostly poor incomes, they are a very ‘sunny’ nation. The people are mainly of African, Indian, French and Chinese descent and mostly speak Seychellois Creole even though English and French are listed as official languages.

Famous for their giant tortoises (which we declined to ride) and *ahem* vagina-shaped coco de mer which houses coconuts. Which actually taste pretty gross, by the way.

Obsessed with Seychelles


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