Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone is at the forefront when it comes to music, liberal politics and popular culture. This ultra cool magazine is published every 2 weeks but unfortunately (most of the time) only the online version is available to me because Sandton isn’t focused! Sometimes I manage to find it and then it’s on like Donkey Kong. This mag is to me what Playboy is to a lot of you naughty chirrens!

Jann Wenner and Ralph J Gleason started the magazine in 1967. Jann is still the editor and publisher (as well as owning Men’s Journal and Us Weekly)! I think the fact that it has remained in the original hands means it stays true to the vision but remaining relevant and contemporary. It started off being mostly political and then in the early 90s changed its format to become relevant to the youth. Now it’s a mixture of both to appeal to a wider audience and has thus become more interesting.

The covers are always the main talking points because they are always so innovative and portray a rawness in caricature form in the cover star that other magazines try to cover up and ‘glossify’. The cover stars always look so rockstar whilst remaining relatable.

Obsessed with Rolling Stone Magazine


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