Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vogue Japan

I will do another post for Vogue in general but I have to give a special mention to Vogue Japan, otherwise known as Vogue Nippon.

I'm completely and utterly obsessed with this magazine and whilst I can mostly only read it online, I do get a few copies a year but I really would like to find someone willing to import them to SA or a way I can ship them here. I would do that!

Reasons I'm obsessed with Vogue Japan:

The fashion is flamboyant and completely unapologetic.

Japanese fashion is truly the dopest

Japenese pop culture is always on point and this urban eastern cool fusion is showcased in the magazine.

Anna Dello Russo is the Editor at Large and she is the ultimate free spirit (sometimes comes off as weird) and she's brave in her fashion choices. she's another obsession of mine.

Vogue Japan is tres importante in trendsetting and is not afraid to be controversial: Gaga meat dress cover anyone?

Obsessed with Vogue Japan!

x Bisous x

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