Friday, April 15, 2011

90s sitcoms

In relating to my previous post, I had to do a tribute to 90s sitcoms that influenced me.

These shows had real heart. It's no coincidence that they're all from the 90s. The same era I explained before was about messages that educated and entertained. Subjects that were controversial and ground-breaking. Whether it was showcasing black people as 'wealthy' or having a gay couple kiss on TV, or showing a black family with a married mom and dad who were professionals and loved their children or even single women who held their own professionally. I was a little too young to fully understand the meaning in the 90s but thank God for re-runs, I'm now a liberated woman. How fun it must've been to be a young adult in the 90s.

Obsessed with 90s TV

x Bisous x

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  1. Oh wow. I vaguely remember some of these!

    I loved Sister Sister (well until it stopped showing on tv) I actually dont recognise a few up there either, but I had moesha, kenan and kel (which my brother loved for the juvenile humour) and would Sabrina the teenage witch count? Its quite sitcom-y.

    XD Also That 70s Show and Saved by the Bell. Except I really dont remember much out of any of those at all now come to think of it O_O