Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zoe Kravitz




Zoe is 12 days older than me. 12 DAYS!!! She would've been way too cool for my school. But I believe we would've been best friends. I really do.

She is awesome for so many reasons but her DILF of a father is Lenny Kravitz and she is the first (and probably only rock star daughter that has sprinklings of black). This automatically ups her cool factor ;)

She is apparently an actress... I don't care for her movies. It's her attitude and style that put her on this 'list'. Her mother and father are also totally cool.

Let's just make this post about her whole damn family coz no one has a better looking father than Zoe and a more interesting mother. Lenny, will you marry me?! Screw best friends, I'll be Zoe's step mom. And Lisa you cool too. Too cool for Cosby... in your mind. I think Lisa and Lenny got divorced because there's only so much dope that one house can have.

Obsessed with Zoe and Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet

x Bisous x

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