Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peaches & Pixie Geldof



Known for their wild partying ways and "occasional" drug use (I'M NOT ENDORSING DRUGS... I HATE THEM), The 20 & 22 year old British princesses of grunge and cool are completely rock star chic. Having actual rock star blood in them might be the key to their intense and ever-lasting awesomeness (their dad is Irish legend Bob Geldof).

* Peaches is the older of the two. She is a socialite/ model who epitomises the word 'edgy'. She looks almost like a pin-up type and she embraces all vintage looks with a modern twist. She wears and says and does what she wants and does it whilst looking hot! Plus those tattoos, A DIOS MIO! They're amaaaaze!

* Pixie's got a totally funky hairstyle (a grey 'pixie' cut which is sometimes blonde or black). She's known to appreciate the more Goth side of fashion and this is seen in both her heavy eye make-up and also her wardrobe which consist of a lot of 'cross jewellery' and black items.

Obsessed with Pixie and Peaches

x Bisous x

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